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Category : Career Complete Games

  22Bob PowersNationals1971-73
  15Hal HermannsTeamsters/Nationals1976-78
  14M. DwarnowskyPilots/Dodgers1970-72
  14Mike PolanishNationals1973-75
  14Don TraceyGenerals1979-80

Category : Career Earned Run Average

  0.91Art BrownGenerals1967-68
  1.23Jim KohlPilots1989-90
  1.51Bob MacDonaldNationals1970-71
  1.69Fred CambriaNationals1967-68
  1.70Kev CrombiePilots1990-91

Category : Career Games Pitched

  46James FisherPilots1993-94
  41Bob PowersNationals1971-73
  40Jerry DempseyRed Soxx1976-78
  39John Guagliardo Cadets / Eagles2008-10
  35Rich SchmidGenerals1980-82
  35Brandon KuterWesthampton2010-10
  33Joe MazellaGenerals1967-79
  33Tom SignoreRed Soxx1981-83

Category : Career Games Started

  31Hal HermannsTeamsters/Nationals1976-78
  29Bob PowersNationals1971-73
  26Mike PfeiferPilots1989-91
  25Mike PolanishNationals1973-75
  24Charlie PuleoPilots1974-76

Category : Career Innings Pitched

  280Art BrownGenerals1967-68
  213.1Hal HermannsTeamsters/Nationals1976-78
  190.1Charlie PuleoPilots1974-76
  189.1Mike PolanishNationals1973-75
  189.1Mike RomanovskyPilots1982-83

Category : Career Saves

  12Jim KohlPilots1989-90
  12Chuck RollerCatz2006
  11Brandon KuterWesthampton2011
  11Jeff RomondPilots1998-99
  10Eric LeimeisterCollegians1988-89
  09Mike ConklinNationals1985
  09Kris CalhounCatz2003
  09Cory KentQuakertown2010

Category : Career Shut Outs

  5Brad KeelyPilots1990-91
  4Tom DanulevithClippers1990-91
  4Mike BattistaPilot2002-04
  3Dan BalsamoLong Island Nationals1967
  3Art BrownGenerals1967
  3Jim BudnickPilots1977
  3Bob MacDonaldDodgers1971
  3Bob ResnikoffClippers1985
  3Bob FazerkasPilots1989

Category : Career Strikeouts

  216Art BrownGenerals1967-68
  176Bob PowersNationals1971-73
  139Ed SavoldJC Coll.1968-69
  138Charlie PuleoPilots1974-76
  133Rich CarlucciTitans/Pilots1976-77

Category : Career Strikeouts (Single Game)

  18Robert PolinskyRed Sox1972
  18Mike BattistaPilots2002
  17Brian FisherBlazers2002
  16Rich ScheidPilots1985
  14Ryan PageCatz2005
  13Eric ClemmerBlazers1988

Category : Career Win Loss Percentage

  0.941 (16-1)Art BrownGenerals1967-68
  0.933 (14-1)S. EverettWings1977-78
  0.857 (12-2)Joe AdamsWings1981-83
  0.857 (10-2)Chris ManganGenerals1980-81
  0.812 (13-3)Bob KenyonNationals1978-79
  0.800 (12-3)M. SanderBlazers1985-86

Category : Career Wins

  18Mike PolanishNationals1973-75
  18Bob PowersNationals1971-73
  16Hal HermannsTeamsters/Nationals1976-78
  16Mike PfeiferPilots1989-91

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